Referenz Logos
Among other topics, provision of market information, research of specific competition data, as well as the derivation of references for portfolio relevant aspects.
Among other topics, strategic consulting on building a portfolio for the German market, as well as for the commercialisation of Pay-TV.
Among other topics, a ongoing consulting contract as senior adviser in the range of content and product management, responsible for portfolio-decisions and contract negotiations.
Analyses of the international market and the national competitive structures, for the preparation of new concepts in trade fair, as well as the identification of suitable, country-specific funding opportunities.
Strategic consulting and process optimization with the backsourcing of non-linear services. Furthermore, advice on the usage and commercialisation of existing potential, for additional profit possibilities.
Strategic consulting on the orientation of the channel brand as a temporary member of the Board in Germany.
Provision of market data about the German TV landscape. Elaboration of a target-group-specific presentation about HbbTV, as well as the mediation of business contacts.
Provision of market-data, research of specific key indicators, as well as the derivation of appropriate measures, to increase the international awareness of the broadcasting brand.
Mediation of programme slots in regional TV for international channel brands, so their brand awareness can be increased.
Conceptual development, realisation and management of a pan-European lifestyle and fitness channel, covering all project phases.
Coaching for the market entry, provision of market- and competition data, as well as support with marketing relevant aspects.
Council member of the TV congress TV Komm, since 2008. Furthermore, responsible for the acquisition and supervision of sponsors.
Advisory on distribution options of non-linear formats and mediation of potential cooperation partners.
Strategic consulting of the international channel brand, in conjunction with marketing, and distribution relevant aspects.
Advice in building, and developing a premium shopping channel for the Arab world, focusing content, marketing and distribution.
Strategic consultancy on the market entry and distribution in Germany, as well as the mediation of business contacts.

Scientific advice, regarding a benchmark concerning regional TV in Germany, among other topics, with the emphasis on content, coverage, and marketing.